Bagel and Lox Board

Learn how to make a beautiful lox and bagel board with all the toppings! Wow your guests when you serve this for brunch and breakfast, with only 5 minutes of work.

Gather Your Ingredients -BAGEL & LOX BOARD-

– Lox slices – Lebanese cucumbers – Large tomato – Purple onion – Capers – Cream cheese – Bagels or gluten free bagels – Lemon sliced – Whole Boursin

Choose the right serving dish for your spread. I recommend a big platter or a large wooden or marble cutting board. Fan the salmon slices so that they're slightly overlapping on top of each other.

Let's Make The Board!

Fill a ramekin with 1 cup of cream cheese. Lay out the boursin cheese straight on the board, or inside a ramekin. Arrange the cucumber slices, tomato slices, onion slices and lemon slices in different clumps around the board.

Let's Make The Board!

Add capers in a small bowl. To toast the bagels, set the oven to the broil function, and lay out the bagels facing down. Toast the bagels for 4 minutes.

Let's Make The Board!

Add the bagels to the board, right side up, and serve the lox and bagel board. You can also add the following additions: – avocado slices – honey – bacon – olives – fresh herbs like dill and parsley

Let's Make The Board!

You can whip your cream cheese for a more elegant, light and airy spread.


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