Nordic Fire Grilled Salmon

Healthy Dinner

Cooked over an open fire, Nordic fire-grilled salmon with potatoes and cream is an elegant and captivating dish for the most special winter gatherings.

– Grill or open campfire – Grilling planks – Craft wire – Drill

– 2 large salmon fillets, skin-on trout will also work well – salt – pepper – 8-10 potatoes peeled – 250 ml cream – wild garlic or oregano

To prepare salmon: Soak grilling planks in water for at least one hour.

Fire up your charcoal barbecue or campfire, getting it to a high heat and an open flame.

Pat fish fillets dry.

Using an electric drill, drill holes along the short edge of two grilling planks. The holes should be about double the diameter of your chosen craft wire.

Pass wire through both grilling planks, tying them together - this should look like a spiral-bound notebook.

Lay one salmon fillet along each grilling plank, facing each other (the two fish should be on the inside of a triangle created by the planks when they stand).

Secure each piece of fish to its grilling plank using several rows of craft wire. Turn plank face-side down to ensure fish stays on.

With red charcoals burning add woodchips, this wil release the aroma of the wood

Stand grilling planks on top of barbeque or open flame campfire, creating the shape of a triangle. Let fish cook for 10-15 minutes, stoking the fire periodically to maintain a lively, strong flame.

When fish has cooked to medium-well, remove from flame. Fish will continue cooking as it rests, so take care not to overcook.

To prepare potatoes: Boil peeled potatoes in a large pot with salted water, about 20 minutes.

To serve: Slice potatoes into circles. Arrange on a plate. Top with a piece of the Nordic fire grilled salmon. Drizzle generously with cream.

Sprinkle chopped wild garlic or oregano before serving.