Ukrainian Cucumber Salad

How to Make

In support of Ukrainian people, today we'll learn how to make Ukrainian cucumber salad. It's a beautiful and versatile salad that I could eat for days during hot summers and freezing winters alike.

– 4 cucumbers - "sometimes peeled or not, depending on how much peel they have" – onions sliced thinly

– 4 tsps dill chopped finely (dry dill will be fine here, and in fact I even like it a bit better - it lets the other ingredients shine) – 4 TBs Vegan mayonnaise or regular

– 2 TBs Greek yogurt or sour cream optional – 1-2 TBs vinegar depending on your taste - start with one and increase

– 2 cloves of garlic chopped very finely – "and anything else you'd be inclined to put in there." – salt & pepper to taste

Cucumbers can be peeled, or not, depending on their shape and the thickness of the peel. Cut cucumbers in half lengthwise, and then slice then into thin half moons (is using small cucumbers, skip cutting them in half).

Add to a large salad bowl. Slice onion the same way as the cucumbers, and add to the same bowl.

Mince garlic finely, and add to a small bowl. Add all other dressing ingredients and mix together. Taste and correct flavours.

Dress cucumbers with the dressing. Taste again,

Bon Appetit!