Mexican Pepita Salsa

Homemade Mexican Pepita Salsa or Salsa Macha is a potent blended salsa with pumpkin seeds and mixed chili peppers.

Gather Your Ingredients -PEPITA SALSA-

– Neutral oil such as canola grapeseed, or olive oil – Guajillo chilis – Ancho peppers – Chiles de arbol – Garlic cloves diced – Raw pumpkin seeds – White sesame seeds – Apple cider vinegar or lime juice – Kosher salt

To make the salsa macha, add ½ cup oil to pan, and heat it on medium heat. Add chiles and let toast for 2 minutes. Add garlic and saute for 30 seconds longer.

Let's Make The Salsa!

Add pumpkin seeds to pan. Lower heat and toast seeds, stirring, until golden brown. Add sesame seeds and cook for an additional minute. Remove from heat.

Let's Make The Salsa!

Transfer pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds, along with oil, to blender with chilis and garlic, adding vinegar and salt. Pulse several times until the salsa is processed and well combined.

Let's Make The Salsa!

Add a smoky, complex flavor with this pumpkin seed salsa to any taco night or vegetarian dish!


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