Columbian Pear and Mango Ceviche

Colombian ceviche with pear, fennel and mango has the faint scent of licorice, the gentle sweetness of pears and mango, and the surprising taste of Aguardiente.

Gather Your Ingredients -COLUMBIAN CEVICHE-

– Haddock or other firm white fish raw – Small scallops raw, or chopped large scallops – Shrimp raw, deveined and shelled – California Bartlett pears – Fennel bulb + fronds – Mango – Onion – Lemons – Limes – Aguardiente – Tarragon  – Salt

Cut fish into 1-inch sized pieces. Rinse and dry scallops and shrimp. Combine with fish in a large bowl.

Let's Make Ceviche!

Finely chop pears, fennel, onion and mango into small, bite-sized cubes. Add to fish and seafood.

Let's Make Ceviche!

In a jar, combine lemon and lime juice and aguardiente. Add to ceviche. Top with fennel fronds, tarragon and salt. Stir gently with a spatula to combine well. Ensure fish and fruit is covered with citrus-aguardiente liquid.

Let's Make Ceviche!

Let rest in fridge, covered, until fish has cured and flavours have melded, for at least 8 hours.

Let's Make Ceviche!

Serve with plantain chips and tortilla chips.


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