Fermenting Vegetables


Curious about fermented food? Discover the benefits of fermentation, and learn how to get started fermenting vegetables at home.

TOOLS NEEDED Wide-mouth glass jars or fermentation crocks to hold your veggies during the fermentation process.  Weights to submerge the vegetables in brine. Use a small plate or even clean rocks. Non-iodized salt Filtered water Fresh organic vegetables picked within the past 24 hours. 


Prepare vegetables: Choose fresh vegetables from your garden or local farmer's market. Clean your veggies thoroughly to remove any dirt or bugs. Cut your vegetables into uniform pieces.


Prepare brine: The brine is the salty liquid that covers the vegetables. Choose pickling or high-quality sea salt without additives.  Add the required herbs or spices from your recipe.


Soak vegetables and store: Place prepared vegetables in the fermenting crock and cover them entirely with brine.  Weigh the veggies down with your plate or rock. Set your crock in a cool, dark place at 70 to 75 F. The fermentation time depends on the recipe you use and may take anywhere from a week to several weeks. 

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