8 Essential Drinks To Try!


Colombian drinks range from cold juices to warm sugar cane cocktails, each with a flavor that tells a story about the country's heritage and scenery.


Aguardiente, the national spirit of Colombian cuisine, is an anise-flavored liquor that's a staple at festive events.


Chicha is a fermented corn drink with a distinctive taste and a profound place in Colombian heritage, akin to a cloudy, yeasty beer.


In the Andean areas of Colombia, canelazo is a beloved warm, spiced beverage. Made with aguardiente, panela (unrefined cane sugar), and agua de canela (cinnamon water).

Colombian Coffee

Colombia's coffee is world-famous for its superior quality. The country's climate and fertile grounds yield a dark, balanced cup with a distinctive aroma.

Chocolate Santaferenio

Chocolate santaferenio is a traditional hot chocolate from Bogotá that is perfect for cold weather.


Traditional Colombian Aguapanela (Sugar Cane Drink), a simple yet refreshing concoction of water and unrefined cane sugar, can be enjoyed hot or cold


Avena, or oatmeal drink, is a thick, creamy beverage prepared from overnight oats, then simmered with milk, water, cinnamon, cloves, and sugar.


Finally, Lulada is a chilled drink crafted from the Colombian fruit lulo, blended with ice, sugar, and water for a tangy, invigorating refreshment ideal for warm days.

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