A brief hiatus, or making arrangements

Jewish Food Project - a Brief Hiatus When I walked in through the doors of my apartment on Sunday night, feet sore from five hours spent in high heels, clothes smelling of tomato sauce and fingers shrivelled from washing and drying stacks of dishes, it was a cup of herbal tea that saved my life. Brought into my weary arms by a loving partner, and accompanied by a discussion of all of the day’s highs and downs, it was a true game-changer. It brough focus and stability and calm. And it made me realize that sometimes, we just can’t do it all.

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Jewish Food Project

The Jewish Food Project revealed + Saveur Blog Awards 2015

I woke up today at 4:30am with heartburn, palpitations, and great difficulty to breathe. I was sweating profusely beneath the covers, the body of a purring cat covering my chest and obstructing my airways even further. But even without the cat, the rising temperatures, or the nachos I foolishly ate the evening before, I knew this…

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Spicy citrus salad with pistachios

Spicy citrus salad with pistachios, or the dish that distills the pardes

There are those dishes that awaken your taste buds with their scintillating mix of flavours and textures. There are those dishes that nourish your soul with a well-balanced combination of vitamins and nutrients. And then there are those dishes that tell the story of your life, encapsulated in one heavy forkful. This spicy citrus salad with…

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