The most drool-worthy dairy recipes At the Immigrant’s Table

Blog158_Img1_Drool-worthy dairy recipesThough it may cause a rumble in your stomach, there is just something about the creaminess of yogurt, the stringiness of melting cheese, the perfect bite of tangy cream cheese that cannot be matched by other foods. And as one of you said in a comment, everything can be good for you in moderation. In honour of all that is good and cheesy in this world, here are the most drool-worthy dairy recipes At the Immigrant’s Table.

(If you’re lactose-intolerant, remember, there are also many dairy dishes you can still eat without upsetting the stomach too much! And if you’re vegan, well, I’ve got about a million recipes for you here).

And if you’re celebrating Shavuot tomorrow, happy holiday – may your table overflow with dairy!

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Light Israeli cheesecake with crumb topping

Light-as-air Israeli cheesecake with crumb topping

+-*I’m in the small, cool kitchen of my parents’ old apartment. The sun is beating through the side window, exposing all the dust bunnies that are making their way through the air, heating up the countertops. I walk around in shorts and a tank top, my feet bare across the cold marble floor. Despite all…

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The long weekend

+-*It’s the long weekend here in Canada, which means even intrepid food bloggers (with 9-5 jobs) deserve a rest!

Cheese board for dairy dishes for lactose-intolerant people

The 11 best dairy dishes for lactose-intolerant people

+-*Though I’m lactose intolerant, I still find it hard to refuse a good chunk of aged cheddar, or a dollop of perfectly creamy, pillowy mascarpone. Passing by a cheese Danish is 10 times harder than saying no to a donut. And don’t even get me started on pizza. But minimizing your dairy intake doesn’t mean you need…

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Losing a hand

Losing a hand (temporarily)

+-*Ever since I can remember, I used to say that losing my right hand would be a fate worse than death for me. As a writer, a cook, and a painter (in my youth, nothing nowadays), there were few things in life I enjoyed that did not require the use of a right hand. But…

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Blog152_Img1_Mother's Day recipes3

At the Immigrant’s Table Mother’s Day recipe round-up: The best light, healthy and vibrant dishes to serve your mom (with just the right amount of decadence)

+-*Maybe it’s because we are so far away from both our mothers and my two incredibly strong grandmothers, but I am feeling Mother’s Day especially acutely this year. Whatever the reason behind the mounds of Mother’s Day recipes on this blog in the last two weeks, I will choose to embrace it! Because you can never have…

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