Flourless pumpkin bread (gf, paleo), and a giveaway of Flourless. by Nicole Spiridakis

Flourless pumpkin breadCucina Nicolina has been one of my favourite blogs since I first discovered the blogosphere, sometime way back in 2008. Its author, Nicole Spiridakis, first captured me with her Wordless Wednesday posts, a quiet homage to the beauty of the untamed California beaches and mountains that surrounded her. She kept my interest with easy, satisfying lunches and wholesome baked goods. And now, she has completely won me over with her first cookbook, Flourless. – and this incredible flourless pumpkin bread.

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Spicy citrus salad with pistachios

Spicy citrus salad with pistachios, or the dish that distills the pardes

There are those dishes that awaken your taste buds with their scintillating mix of flavours and textures. There are those dishes that nourish your soul with a well-balanced combination of vitamins and nutrients. And then there are those dishes that tell the story of your life, encapsulated in one heavy forkful. This spicy citrus salad with…

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Montreal Restaurant Day + Fifty shades of grey

My deep, dark secret + Montreal Restaurant Day

Dear reader, besides talking about the über-cool Montreal Restaurant Day, today I am going to do something I have never done before, and that is to be completely, truly honest with you. Despite sharing tales of my father’s temper, my fraught relationship with my sister, my fights with my grandmother, I feel like I haven’t actually…

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