Roasted cauliflower in green herb sauce

Roasted cauliflower in green herb sauceI have long been a fan of chimichurri sauce, with its assertive flavours and balance of herbs, vinegar and fiery chile peppers. So when I learned the ultimate chimichurri sauce at a Jewish Food Project workshop, I couldn’t wait to put it to the test…. by tweaking it and making it something only mildly similar to chimichurri. Thus, this green herb sauce is a great way to use up leftover greens and herbs, and to add flavour to any vegetables – a quick and easy side dish for a weeknight meal.

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Fennel and mango slaw

Fennel and mango slaw, or the buds of possibility

+-*As this is my third (and probably not last) post about spring, can you tell I’m just a wee bit excited about the changing of the seasons? To ease our body into spring, Greg and I are eating a variety of in-between dishes – light soups intermingled with vibrant salads, baked fish and eggs. This…

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The spring recipes link round-up

+-*The snow is gone from the streets, the birds are chirping up in the trees, and everyone around me is wearing rain boots and winter jackets on top of bare-legged summer dresses… It must mean spring is here!

Mazto Brei for Passover

Mustard matzo Brei, or the best way to use up leftover matzos

+-*Ruth Reichl once lovingly referred to Matzo Brei as “one of life’s perfect foods” (Letters from the Editor, Gourmet, April 2014). Though I would usually hesitate to refer to anything containing matzo as perfect, I believe matzo brei is the exception to the rule. There is just something special about the act of submerging that crispy, crackly,…

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