Endive and arugula provide the peppery bite to this arugula salad, while the milky fresh mozzarella brings creaminess, & the pomegranate and pecans the pop.

Arugula salad with endive, mozzarella, pecans and pomegranate seeds

As I sit here typing this post, boxes pile all around me. I have made myself a corner on one of the only surfaces still available, the living room couch, where I sit with my legs splayed out on the coffee table. My whole life’s content is not-so-neatly packed into various receptacles, proclaiming to all who…

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Blog170_Img12_Machneyuda Jerusalem

My visit to Machneyuda, Jerusalem

We are told that the key to a perfect meal is the combination of good music, great conversation, and impeccable flavours. Fanciful restaurants that charge upwards of $50 for a main course attempt to deliver two of the latter, and try to wow us into shelling the extra dough by adding on ‘the glitz': expensive cutlery,…

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A taste of springtime in Montreal: a light spring picnic with buckwheat crepes with asparagus, chermoula and spicy eggplants, and Argentinian yerba mate.

Springtime in Montreal, picnics and savoury buckwheat crepes

While I am gallivanting about Europe and the Middle East, I wanted to share with you a taste of springtime in Montreal. Though the recipe for these photos is still not perfect, I hope you will enjoy these images of three immigrants at a light spring picnic, replete with gluten-free and vegan savoury buckwheat crepes with…

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Cheap food isn't hard to find in Israel. But if you want to go off the beaten path, here are my top 5 undiscovered cheap eats in Israel.

The top 5 unknown cheap eats in Israel: Street food off the beaten path

Street food in Israel is truly an empire. In a land abundant with fresh produce, excellent cheese and high-quality olive oil, it’s not hard to believe that good food should come cheap. And today, I’d like to take you beyond beyond chickpea fritters and shaved meat on a spittle; here are my top 5 undiscovered cheap eats in Israel.

One of my family's favourite breakfast dishes is a fresh Israeli chopped salad with feta, za'atar and sumac. It's quick, easy, and perfect for additions.

Israeli chopped salad with feta, za’atar and sumac

The breakfast nook at my parents’ house is crowded with dishes: half-empty yogurt containers jostle for space with cut-up watermelon and whole-grain buns. Leftover cheeses intermingle with labaneh and cherry tomatoes. Cups of coffee and tea are in various state of consumption, enough to make you think that there are six people eating at the…

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I understand why, nearly 9 years after moving away, I still call Israel home. Pain, anger, love, and of course, food - they are all so much more vivid here.

Love in Israel + your Germany recommendations

As I lay here on the shores of the Dead Sea, the hotel’s pristine sheets rumpled all around me and the air conditioner going at full-force in an effort to dispel the day’s hot, stale air, my mind keeps going back to the open cliffs of Masada.

Coated in a selection of spices, seeds and nuts, homemade labaneh balls hide within them a perfectly creamy and tangy centre. A great vegetarian and gluten-free appetizer for a party, or as part of a breakfast spread.

Homemade labaneh balls

As befitting the land of milk and honey, no Israeli breakfast or party would be complete without cheese. And though you can go and buy a selection of briny feta and Bulgarian cheeses, or chop up a good block of Swiss Emmenthaler, to really stay authentic at an Israeli breakfast you need to remember only…

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